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DROPSTOP for camping!

Dropstop for water saving!


About the product
A waterproof PVC canvas sheet is threaded through stainless steel eyelets with high quality braided poly rope in a way to lift up the edges of the sheet and form a flexible bowl that will conform to any shower floor. We call it DROPSTOP.

Due to the wide base, it catches all the water from the shower unlike trying to fill the shower up with multiple buckets. It can even be used to lift water out of a bathtub in one fell swoop instead of multiple small scoops.

It’s very simple to use since lifting the device by the rope causes a neck to form at the top, capturing the water into a bag that’s easy to carry and pour out.

DROPSTOP is easy to fold and store, taking up as much space as a folded newspaper and can be used for various other applications such as leaking roofs, dripping laundry, or defrosting a freezer, multiple uses while camping, or even just for catching some rain.

    Now this is a good idea. Simple, eloquent, functional, useful. I am reminded by the words of Dr Mikhail Kalashnikov, the designer of the legendary AK47 assault rifle. He said, when speaking of design, things that are useful are not necessarily complex, and things that are complex are not necessarily useful.    – Dr Anthony Turton on the DROPSTOP

Key features:

– Large water catching area
– Easy to carry and pour water
– Non-slip surface
– Durable
– Multiple applications (shower, bath, camping, etc.)
– Easy to fold up and store
– Affordable

DROPSTOP background

The City of Cape Town has been in  a serious drought. Level 6B water restrictions were in place in 2018 with a lot of effort done by members of the public to save the little that was left in the dams.  All over the city you can see the effects on gardens, unwashed cars, the massive increase in water levies, and the trucks full of JoJo tanks. 

As over 50% of the average household water use goes to showering and flushing toilets, this seems like a good place to start. With some brainstorming and a few prototypes showing where we could make improvements, the DROPSTOP was born.

It was soon picked up by campers and other outdoor people not just for saving water in their homes, but to catch water from camping showers and stop a mud puddles forming at their feet, collecting water from rivers, and keeping wet clothes and towels.

How to assemble your DROPSTOP

This step by step video will help you if you are unsure of the instructions that were provided along with your unit.

DROPSTOP Instructions